The guy I am dating says he is scared of me?

I know what he means when he says he is scared of me... he is falling for me and is scared because of past relationships and being hurt. I have made an effort not to be pushy or bug him or anything like that, I've just simply been there for him and he says I am really comfortable to talk and has opened up to me a lot. OK so I know this is a good sign but recently he has seemed like he has started to pull back a little bit... is it because he is scared of falling in love... or is he just falling out of interest... ? Is there anything I can do or say to help him relax and just take his time with it? And not run from me?


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  • personally I think the whole "i'm scared of falling for you" or whatever deal is stupid.

    i think when people say stuff like that they just use that as an excuse.

    sure, it really hurts to have bad relationships in the past, but isn't that all more the reason to move on and meet someone different -- who won't hurt you?

    i don't know, maybe it's me, but I don't really buy into it when people say stuff like that.


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