Should I fight to get him back?

We've been broken up for over two months, which really isn't that long of a time. We have talked a little bit, but we live in a smaller part of the city so it's not hard to run into eachother. He ended things becuase I admitted I had cheated a couple weeks before. At this point of our relationship, we were bound to break up soon because of the amout of lying going on behind my back. So I guess you could say he was unfaithful too, although I told him the ugly truth knowing he could make the decision to leave me. I knew honesty was more important. We had been best friends for about 5 years including the time that we dated and we have decided to not throw away our friendship we had becuase it was so great even before we dated. Ofcorse this will take time. I just don't know if I can go back to being just friends with someone who I was so incredibly in love with and reciprocated the feelings of love, although we had our problems. Our love shined so bright you could see it all across our home town even before we were together and everyone could see it. I feel like having this time apart could be a good way for us to start over with a clean slate now that we have already skipped the getting to know you parts of a relationship. My question is... do you think it's a good idea to re kindle the spark we had as lovers or keep it to a comfortatble friendship? And any suggestions on what I should do or how I should handle the situation knowing I would get back with him in a heartbeat?
Fight for him now before it's too late.
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Give him some time, and see where that goes.
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Stay just friends
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Move on completely
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Should I fight to get him back?
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