My boyfriend isn't over his ex?

I've been with a guy for 3 months now... i think he still loves his ex, they still talk very very often. They broke up because he left his home country, not for anything else. When i wrote a message saying i was uncomfortable and feel he still loves her, he didn't really deny this. He also apparently met up with her back at home when he went for the summer. She (the ex) also wrote a blog post about how he now has a new girlfriend (me) but that she still loves him and she feels that he does too, still.

It's still early- should I give him a chance to get over this girl? She does have a boyfriend now, but she also says she loves my guy, im confused. Or should I leave, because the pressure is not easy on me. And he hasn't said I love you to me yet, though im pretty sure that I do love him. Help :s im 21 by the way and he's 22 and he's my first proper boyfriend.
My boyfriend isn't over his ex?
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