How do you know if your boyfriend is getting tired of you?

if he clearly doesn't want to hang with you on a day that he is free, is that a sign that he's bored of you? what other signs are there?


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  • One of the most common signs that your boyfriend is losing interest in you is that he starts making excuses to spend less time with you. These excuses can be very subtle and a woman may not even realize what's happening. If your boyfriend suddenly is very busy with work or he stops returning your calls as quickly as he once did, don't equate that simply to him having too much on his plate. When a man is emotionally engaged with a woman he will go out of his way to make time for her. A man in love will have no problem trading an hour of sleep for time with the woman he adores or he'll work late just to be able to spend time with her on the weekend.

    Another thing to look for if you suspect your boyfriend is losing interest is how frequently he wants to be intimate with you. If you two couldn't keep your hands off each other earlier in the relationship and now he seems more interested in what's on television or his computer, there may be a problem you need to address. Many men will explain their lack of interest by saying they are tired or they have too much on their minds. This is often a clear signal that his feelings are shifting.

    If his friends start acting uncomfortable around you, this can be an indicator that your boyfriend has been confiding in them about the relationship. If your boyfriend is losing interest he may turn to his friends. He may have expressed his uncertainty to them and when they see you, guilt may come into play and they'll have trouble making eye contact with you or will seem nervous. Often, the friends are the first to know that a break up is about to occur and you may be able to read it in their faces.

    You can also anticipate a change in the relationship if your boyfriend bows out of social events with you. Perhaps you two were scheduled to go to a wedding together, or some friends were having a housewarming party. If your man makes up excuses not to attend this may be because he's having trouble seeing himself as your other half anymore. If it happens more than once it's likely not coincidence and you should be concerned if the relationship is still something you want.

    Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

    • Well he's free on that day but he says that he will either hang with a friend or hang with his sisters. I've said something about him choosing to do other things rather then spend time with me and he says that he gives me like all of his free time adn that I should understand that. he goes to college so I only see him on weekends. just wish he was want to spend time with me :( I feel like I want to more than him. we are still intimate with each other.

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  • That could be a sign, but if its his first time saying this I wouldn't look too much into it, it could just be he wants some "me time." But if it starts to happen more and more often definitely look into it.

    Another sign would be not calling/texting (whichever you guys prefer) as much or not calling back/replying back as fast when he's not busy at the time.

    • Hm those are good ones. he does this sometimes, but I guess to spend time with his friend.

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