Should I be worried about boyfriend telling girls they are beautiful and Pm messages on Facebook?

The ones I am friends with I gave taken it upon myself to friend request and introduce myself and become FB friends with. My problem is suddenly he is commenting to pictures of beautiful women who he has not talked to since school. We are 50 years old. And I know he has private messaged them telling them how beautiful and smart they are and how he wanted them to know he was thinking about them. We had a problem with this issue over a year ago. He would get a message from an ex once a month or so and would tell me if I asked that he doesn't like to hurt anyone feelings and it was just Hi how are you doing chit chat. One eveneing we were laying in bed looking at facebook and he handed me his phone to read something and when I went scroll the page changed and it was his his pm list and I saw that she had messaged him "I miss you too". I was crushed because that was not chit chat. I had told him from the begining I did not like him talking to him. Long back story but she only had a relationship with him for money. Then ran of and married her exfiance two weeks after sleeping with him. And was continually telling him she made a mistake and she loved him when he was starting to have a relationship with me. That night things blew up and there was a lot if silence and tears from me after our screaming match. He told me when I moved up he had no secrets from me he was an open book. Left his facebook signed in and gave me his passwords for online. Ibread the messages that were not deleted. Ther were only 3. She said ahe was thinking about him a lot. He replied he was thinking about her too and he "I miss my squishy". To which she replied I miss you too. My heart was crushed we talked at length on the third day. He said he meant he missed the people he had worked with. He also deleted her and blocked her from his phone. He wanted to delete his facebook because he didn't want me telling him who he can and cannot talk too. I told him that was not my intention and ibdid not want
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I dont want to ruin our relationship because of my petty jealousy. It just makes me feek like I am not what he wants and it hurts.
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We talked for hours lastnight. He said he was just giving them a boost of confidence because the one was going through a rough timenand he had that when he got divorced the second time and wanted her to know it was ok. Or just touching base with an old friend. The one goingbthrough the divorce was just someone he sat beside in school. Still confused.
Should I be worried about boyfriend telling girls they are beautiful and Pm messages on Facebook?
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