How to identify my sexual/romantic orientation?

I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, and so far, I've only decided that I am asexual. Other than that, I'm still lost. If anyone could help me, I would be incredibly grateful!

Some Info
Obviously, because I'm asexual, I don't feel sexual attraction towards anyone (I can still think people are cute/pretty/etc., though), so I guess I'm trying to find my romantic orientation. Now, most of the time when I see a guy, I don't typically think they're handsome or cute, even most models, though after a while, I may begin to think they are handsome/cute. However, with women, I will see a girl and almost always think that they are pretty or cute, but it's just a passing thought. There's no one of either gender that I want to get to know just because they're cute.

I usually find myself having small thoughts such as "I wonder if they'd date me," "do they like me," and I've even asked myself if I like them (though I never get around to answering them). Usually I have these thoughts about some of my guy friends, but I have found myself asking that about my bisexual or pansexual friends as well, though I've never actually acted on any of these.

I've been in one relationship with a guy. We were friends for a few months before I began realizing that I liked him, though now that it's over, I'm not totally sure if I liked him or if we were still just friends. I was always uncomfortable doing things such as hugging, holding hands, etc., and we never kissed (though that may just be my dislike of contact with others).

I'm not really sure if I've had enough experience to figure this out yet, but what scares me is all of my other friends are figuring out their orientations. I've got a pan friend, a bi, a gay, and some straight friends, but I'm still in the dark! Honestly, I'm not even sure of my gender identity either.

So what do you think? If you don't have a guess for my orientation, do you know how I could possibly figure it out? Please don't be rude.
How to identify my sexual/romantic orientation?
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