Are we entitled to love? Does everyone deserve love?

When did love and affection and care shift from being a gift and a kindness to an expectation and a right? I often here people saying I deserve better or she didn't deserve that and I'm confused by it. I was always taught that no one deserves love. I mean in all honesty what have most people done in life that demands they be given care and affection? Do some people deserve more than others? I thought that the whole point of love was giving out of compassion despite whether or not the person's done something for it. When did being born suddenly entitle a person to everything good in life? Is treating love like a gift naive thinking? I clearly have a bias to one thought over the other but I'm open to changing my mind. I have no problem admitting I'm wrong. What do you think? Do people deserve love?
Yes, absolutely everyone is entitled to love
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No, love is a gift given out of compassion
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Are we entitled to love? Does everyone deserve love?
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