Is it silly to hope he's thinking of me too & would like something more?

About a month ago we (we're 21, he's nice and soft guy) met and hung out and had sex (don't lecture me on having more value or whatever, it was the first time I ever had sex that fast.. I honestly just wanted to have fun. So save it.)

soo a few days later (3 weeks ago) we met up and did it again. Since then, I have been back at my school an hour away and he has been very busy with his track season... He's like a gold medalist, super into it.. It lasts til the end of February and it's every weekend. I'm at school during the week.. Come weekend he is super busy, and he lives with a bunch of dudes so I can't go over there whenever.

I am lost as to what to do. I'm toootally digging him. I'm wickedly attractive and I think he likes me, at least sexually anyways. We keep in contact but don't text unless we are planning something. But here and there we will send an occasional snap chat or hey.. Do I wait until his season is done? If we don't see each other til then will he forget about me? Should I try harder to make plans or something? Should I show him a lot of interest or keep cool? And wait for him to text me? We may not be even anything... Like he could just view me as a play thang which is okay but kinda not.


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  • I think try and make casual plans every once in awhile, maybe not just to have sex -- not that it's wrong that you would have sex, but if you want to avoid him thinking of you in just that way then you'd want to deviate from that for now. Just try to stay in his life, not make things too serious. Then maybe after his season is over, try and talk to him more often, maybe make more plans and see if you have a shot at taking the relationship elsewhere. You never know until you try with him :)


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