Guys, Religious Standards?

So, I've began talking to a guy, who is passionate about his religious beliefs. These of which happen to be Christian- Pentecostal Apostolic. I, being a Christian-Baptist, don't at all mind, as I share most of my beliefs with his religion. I have learned through some Internet research that they believe women should wear long skirts. I have nothing against that, but I am a very fashionable individual and I don't wear skirts or dresses unless it is a holiday, and definitely not the long denim skirts. I enjoy wearing high waisted jeans and such, which might be frowned upon. Do you think I would be asked to alter my fashion sense if this progresses? I'm not so sure that I'd be willing...


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  • If he turns you down because of what you wear thats definitely a good thing. Anyone that controlling and inflexible is going to be big problems down the road.

  • I am Christain


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