Should I let myself be vulnerable and like this guy?

Last year, there was this guy I really liked. He was one of my closest friends and he is the sweetest, smartest guy ever. He knew I liked him but told my friends that he only wanted to stay as good friends with me. My heart broke when I was told this from a friend who told a friend who told a friend... you know how this goes. I finally got over him last summer and we became good friends again. But lately he has been paying me a lot of attention. He texts me almost everynight, we have really fun conversations in school, he makes stupid jokes around me, and he recomemended me music that I absolutely loved. All the signs points to him liking me, but part of me is affraid to get hurt again. I keep rationalizing to myself that we've just become even better friends, and there's no way he would like me now if he didn't before. My feelings for him are starting to come back, but this time they are more rational. Should I open myself to this possiblity?


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  • Well about emotions and feelings you never know they change anytime so yes it's possible he may like you now. However you should just be careful and take it slow.


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  • Yes you should 🙂


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