Any experience 1st hand or close with someone who started a relationship with a Widow or Widower between the ages of 20-40?

I was wondering if anyone has dated or started a relationship with a widow or widower who is younger, in child bearing years, where there is possibly a child involved.
The idea seems so intimidating to me. Does anyone have experience 1st hand, either gender and/or side of the fence?
I think anyone stepping into that role would have to be a pretty amazing person as it would require a more complex level of compassion, respect plus you would have potentially a triad family dynamic. Maturity and love would make it work but still... I have never heard from anyone describing what it was like or any advice.


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  • I was a widow with a child at age 37 and it's a complicated grieving process. You don't want to try to take over being too aggressive as the mate or stepparent or both may resent you.


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  • I knew a woman who married a widower.
    Their was a big age difference between them and he never really got over his loss, despite having three kids with his new wife.
    Thus she started cheating, never stopped.
    Neither were happy.


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