Ldr argument, what to do?

So recently I went to a friend of ours online for advice about what guys like for an anniversary gift. Turns out my boyfriend got upset by me telling him that we were a thing. So he told our friend that he denied the relationship. He said he feels betrayed that I told him and that it bothers him. But I also feel betrayed that he denied our relationship.
I don't know what to do I me we discussed the issue and basically said there's not reason to keep the current convo going. So we stopped talking. Should I just give him space? This is all ugh And forget about it or what?


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  • Time for a heart to heart. How far apart are you, geographically? An in-person conversation would be ideal--the deep, meaningful kind. If you can't do that, at least talk on the phone. Don't let the wound fester. Good luck. :)

    • I'm in Georgia he's in Belgium

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    • I think that approach makes sense. When you make contact, do try to talk on the phone (or Skype or Hangouts or something). I know situations like that are tough; I've been there myself.

    • Yeah we messaged on hangout and really how long cause I'm new to this and he is too and I really think this is worth it and I just want it to work you know

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