He told me that he wants some loving, what is he trying to say?

We never had sex, its been two years almost three years, we are celibate, now he saying he wants some loving. Why do guys always worry about sex? Im just pissed that he just came out and said that.


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  • The guy slowly fell in love with you. Crazy huh?

    • thats what it mean or he just want sex?

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    • Ok... Maybe I thought it was a guy code thing, dont beat my a## lol. But thanks.

    • Lol I am not beating your ass. It's just that sometimes, girls take simple things and extrapolate too much out of them. They complicate things. He said he wanted some loving. He wanted to cuddle, to be close to you. He might have wanted sex too, but he wanted to be close to you. It's normally something you'll say to someone you have feelings for. Does he love you? I don't know, I am not him, but it sure looks like it. Did he want sex? Probably, but it wasn't the nature of his request. He wanted some loving. Cuddles, kisses, physical closeness.

      I often tell my 4yo niece to give me some loving. That means I want her to hug me and I want a peck on the cheek...

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