How to deal with women on their period?

As men, we know women on their period are more sensitive and hormonal, and we do have to be extra cautious during these few days. So with that being said, I literally woke up this morning, my girlfriend started complaining about having cramps and how I didn't cuddle with her at all yesterday. I told her I did, rubbed on her and laid on her... She said "well, I wanted you to do it while I awake so I must've been sleeping" I said to her "-_- you were mildly awake because you knew I was doing as you returned the favor, smiled some, even looked at me, held my hand.. sooo?"

She then walks away and storms off pissed like the world is ending saying "I'm just letting you know how I feel. if I don't cuddle with you for awhile, you know why"

So wtf? I hadn't even fully woke up. This was probably 4 minutes after my alarm went off. I usually stay away from her when she's on her period because her sudden mood swings and the "evil" side of her is amplified by like 50x the normal amount. Running away or keeping distance is silly just because someone is on their period so I guess what I'm asking is, how do I deal with a woman like this? I've had what's called a "WWE" and she was the root cause of it.

W- Worst
W- Wednesday
E- Ever
**ALSO, I am fully aware I shouldn't be blaming her being on her period for lashing out at me first thing in the morning, but I know her well enough to say that if she weren't on it, she would not have made a big deal about something as stupid as "I would like you to cuddle with me while I am fully awake, not half awake and that was the point to her argument. I did it, yes, but not to her liking so I was still wrong ¬_¬**


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  • Contact her on 2nd day of her period, ignore her for next 5 days. She'll be your bitch for the rest of the month.

    A solid girl told me this shit and it works like magic

    • Well, she lives with me sooo... I guess just ignore her the entire time for the next 5 days?

    • Try to as much as you can.

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  • Buy a large dog cage and keep them in there, with access only to the toilet and kitchen, keep your distance otherwise.


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  • Not all girls are like this. But you can wait till the second or third day. Or keep a little distance and bring her junk food


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