How often should I ask her out?

There's this girl I met a couple of months ago in a meetup. She came to sit in front of me and started talking with me, which I really enjoyed doing that time, but she left without me noticing and I lost track of her after that day. Last week I found her on facebook by mere chance and asked her if she still remembered me and started talking with her just that day. I was so glad that I found her, because it was the only girl in those kind of meetups with whom I actually wanted to spend more time with and get to know her better.

So, I asked her out on Sunday to an arcade place and played bowling and did some other stuff, and it ended up all being pretty awesome. She was basically the one opening up herself to me, telling me about her experiences in life, travelling, hobbies and all those things. I completely enjoyed having that night with her, getting to know her in a very casual way.

That was on Sunday, today is Wednesday and I don't know if I should ask her out again this weekend. What do you all think? Should I? Isn't it too fast? I wouldn't want to be too slow as well, I wouldn't like giving her the idea of just being friends who casually meetup. How often do you think it is a good idea to ask someone out?


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  • ASK HER OUT AGAIN! Ask her out as much as you want. People will give you rules and do this don't do that. But if you want to see her ask her. If you hang out 4times a week who care. If you both like each other and want to spend time together DO IT

    • Sounds fair

    • Honestly if it was that good then she'll want to see you too and if she doesn't want it to go out that soon she'll just say she's busy and pick a different day

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  • Hi :P

    Pretty awesome you went on a date :D
    Uhm, what I would do is not asking her out this weekend, but the weekend after. I just think it would be somehow better not to go on a date again this week, because the 2 dates could be too close to each other. I would personally ask her out for next weekend (not this one).

    Then if you've been on a second date, if I were you I would ask her out for the following weekend.

    Hope this makes it a bit clearer:

    Weekend of 23 and 24 January: No date
    Weekend of 30 and 31 January: Go on a date
    Weekend of 6 and 7 February: Go on a date

    This got some buildup, I would do this if I was in this situation, but you can choose for yourself what you like :)


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