Should I move or should he move (Long Distance Relationship) ?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years and best friends for 5 years (since we were 15, now we're 20) I'm in college and I stay about 2 hours from him.. He has a job and he's a supervisor and this is only his second year working at the place he's at. I have 2 years left in school and then I'll be done, but my friends keep telling me that I need to be the one to move to where he is. My boyfriend is the best, he comes to see me every other month, and I felt bad that he had to always come see me so I snuck out one morning and met him up halfway to go to where he lives.. I almost got caught but it was worth the risk. He wants me to move there too BUT I'm scared to. I wanna at least be engaged and then move there. I don't wanna just leave just because of a guy you know? Even though I do love him. My dad asked him about moving here where I stay. He could make more money here, BUT its a small town and there's nothing to do here and he doesn't wanna feel stuck moving here. I don't have much to lose (besides my parents and brother) but I wanted to move to a place that 45 minutes from where I stay because their are more job opportunities. But where he stays there's a lot of job opportunities too. Ugh. Its hard. I wanna talk to him about it and actually make a plan. We've talked about it before but never really said what we wanted to do. He seems like he wouldn't mind moving here, but then again he might wanna stay there. All he would have here is me and his dad. I just don't wanna move in with him down there (where I have no one but him and his mom's side of the family) and not be engaged. My parents would trip! But he's done a lot for me and we do plan on getting married one day but he wants to know what its like to stay with me in person for at least 5 months before he marries me. I understand his reasoning, but that's a lot... I'm rambling, sorry lol but please help! If any of this made sense lol...


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  • I think you should only move if you want to and only if you want to, yes there are pro's and con's however you can't just move because he wants you to. You'll end up resenting him if you end up being miserable there


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  • 2 hours distance isn't long distance
    Long distance relationship is like when both people are in different countries or something more far :P


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