Is he interested?

So after a pretty good first day (no kiss) he texted me right after that I forgot my scarf with him and that he will return it when im in town next. Does this indicate he's not interested? The way he said he would return it next im in his town (I live 30 minutes away)? He did say at the end of the date that he will see me again but I feel like maybe he isn't that into me?


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  • It's too early to tell. Get your scarf back. It looks like you have another date to feel eachother out. Most guys go for the kids but he may do things differently.

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    • Online dating is a problem because neither person is likely to try to make it work if there's abrasion.

      "One foot out the door" syndrome is the reason. Too many options means too much temptation. Oh well. Again, get your damn scarf.

    • Ok tomorrow I will send him a casual text about how his day went and then see how he replies! :)

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