Did this guy drop the class because of me?

So there was a guy in one of my classes who was always chasing me down for friendship the first week of class so I sat next to him and we chatted with each other all the time and had really personal discussions.

I thought he was hitting on me and then I did a google search of his facebook profile and discovered he was engaged.

After that I felt nervous and awkward around him cause I liked him but knew he was off limits.

Now this is the third week of class and he has not shown up for either one of the two classes we share for school and for one of those classes participation is extremely important - he is also a very good student who never skips class.

The thing is, he told me he was enrolled or 4-6 classes and would need to stay back an extra semester next year because he was missing one credit that he needed to graduate.

Would he actually stay in school for an extra year just so he could avoid sitting next to a girl who likes him when he is engaged?

Is that possible?


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  • Let's say it would not seem probable - you know: when you're afraid you start thinking such things :o
    But I know the feeling: this has happened to me 10 or more times: liking a girl a lot and than discovering she's not single :-(

    • Thanks for the MH and we keep our thumbs up for a happy end :D

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  • what made you think he was hitting on you?

    my overall opinion is; no, he wouldn't drop a class because of a classmate. that's not how you do well in school.

  • How do you know he knows you like him?


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