Do I acknowledge the small gut feeling?

I am currenty in a new relationship (we have only been going out officially for a week but we both agree we have been basically dating for a month just without an afficial title). I really like my boyfriend, we get along really well and always have fun together, but I can't get the nagging feeling out of my head that he is just with me for my body and looks. He always compliments me on my appearence and how I look and calls me beautiful all the time and whenever we are around friends as always asks "isnt she amazing?" or "arent I lucky I am dating the hottest girl in the world?" Its all really flattering and cute espically since I dont always have teh greatest self esteem. He also compliemnts me on non-physical things like how smart I am or my personality. He has asked for "pictures" and I said I wasn't comfortabe sending fully naked ones but have sent ones of me in a bra and underwear. He didn't even seem upset with the fact that I wouldn't go fully nude and evethough he asks all the time he never really pushes it. I have been used just for my body in past relationships so I guess that when he asks for stuff like that or keeps commenting on my physical appearence i get uneasy and worry. I just dont know if i shoudl trust my gut feeling which is mostly right or if it is just the past making me feel this way. I have weighed everything and eventhough he mostly comments on my physical stuff and when were together doe some stuff that may make it seem like ehs only in it for physical, there's also a lot of things to prove he's not. Sorry this question is all over the place but should I actually listen to my little gut feeling?
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  • It could just be insecurities from when you were used for your body that are popping up again. I think it'd be a good idea to tell your boyfriend that you were used in the past and your having a little trouble moving past it. I'm sure he'll understand and help you work through it.


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