How to fix issue with girl who said to leave her alone?

So if a female aqauntance/classmate said I was starting to annoy her and to please leave her alone, how should I go about fixing this? It's been 4 days now and I plan to leave her alone obviously, but I hate being on bad terms with someone. I was perhaps a bit too, I guess I'll say desperate/needy, and I texted her I was sorry and wrong for that and I would delete her number and leave her alone. I have a class with her a few days a week so I can try to go up and talk to her, but I don't know when I should do that, if at all. I don't know if she meant never talk to her again or just give it a few weeks. So any advice, knowledge, or experiences you would like to share? Again I just want to clear things up and be on good terms to potentially talk again.


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  • This situation sucks for both of you, and I know how you feel. Although she told you to leave her alone, it was ok for you to say sorry and tell her you'd delete her number/leave her alone.

    It is hard ending on bad terms with someone like this, but I'd recommend you do just wait until she comes back to you - and its very possible she might not. You need to forget about her and distract yourself.

    Good luck to you man, however awkward the situation you sound like you're actually a really considerate guy.

    • Yeah I'm someone who truly cares about people and I know something happened for her to just ignore me which is how this started. I guess I just wanted an honest answer but was only given excuses

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  • I think she's trying to tell you that she's not interested...

    • But what's weird is that on the last day of class last semester everything was great then winter break comes and I get ignored so I try to see if everything is good but am just given excuses even though I know something must have happened for such a drastic change

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    • Yeah it sucks that I've fallen for two girls and both times it was super hard. I guess when you know you and someone else get along, have common interests, and at least make good friends, it's really hard when they just don't get it.

    • It happens to everyone. Just keep plugging...

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  • From experience, I suggest moving on. Being clingy will get you creep-zoned. i. e. permanently disliked from her. If you move on, then there always a small chance she could come back in your life. People come and go. It's best not to force things with people. Live your life and meet new people. :)

  • leave her alone she doesn't like you don't try to fix things women are bitches so leave the bitch alone

  • who cares just let it be


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