My Boyfriend randomly asked me about the type of rings I like.. Is this a sign?

We were walking in the mall and he randomly asked me what kinds of rings I like.. He was like "what's your favorite ring store? Do you know how many karats you want in your ring? Do you have a style picked out?
It scared me a little inside. It's only been 4 months of dating which is not long. We are both people who have a mind set for dating only to find that person to marry... Not to fool around with. But he couldnt have decided if he wants to marry me already? Should I be concerned?
Over the past month he has been saying things like "when we get married, we have to travel"
And "this is what we will be like when we're old."
And he put my name and his last name together and asked me what I thought.
I'm 21 and he's 25


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  • My ex and I dated for 4 months, and he was already asking me those questions at month two. We dated with the intention for marriage, but not that quick. That was part of the reason why I broke up with him; because he was rushing it too much. So to answer your question, yes. He probably is already thinking of marriage. I would definitely approach him about it and state your opinion on the matter. Don't let him rush you! If he doesn't want to wait, then move on.

    • Do you think you would of been married to him by now if you didn't break it off? :/

    • No. Cause I would not have let that happened. But he would've probably been unhappy cause he really wanted to.

  • Sounds like he's looking to propose. Time for a chat I think.

  • only if you're not ready.


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