I'm afraid I'm a creep?

My girlfriend & I, we have a small problem. I'm 55,... she is 20. I know, believe me, I know. When we met, we were both going through major life changes. We took comfort in each others company & became every close friends. When she suddenly was faced with the possibility of becoming homeless, I offered her a safe place to live. You can probably figure out what happened next...

So here we are.
I left her once & we were both beyond sad. My depression & massive anger that had, with lots of therapy, left me long ago, returned with a vengeance!! We both contemplated suicide. The world had turned into a lonely, difficult, unlivable hell. Long story short, we are back together & enjoying life & all the great things it offers!
What do I do? We are very much in love!
I'm afraid I'm a creep?
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