Should I take him back?

My boyfriend is breaking up with me, I still haven't accepted it so I believe we are still together just very rocky and up in the air. I still have to express how I feel then once that happens, itll either be official or were gonna stay together. Most likely though, were gonna be over. But I do have faith and I'm starting to already imagine him coming back to me especially that he has in the past. This time it's different though, it hurts more and feels more serious. So if he were to get back with me, it would probably be months from now or years so the question is should I take him back? He is breaking up with me partly because of our different circumstances but also because he says he's not that into me anymore. So considering his reasons, if he were to come back to me, is it true it would be because he can't find someone else so he's just settling for me? therefore, I shouldn't take him back? or I should because he realized what he had and he's finally appreciating it. I know it's funny that I'm already thinking about him coming back when we haven't even let go yet but there's just something in me that just turned on... I think it was faith that he is gonna come back to me. What if Im not single? To be honest, I think I will be single because I see him as the love of my life, my everything no matter what. If I see him with someone else, I just hope she treats him right but Ill also feel like she's stealing my man. If I am with someone else, well god bless them cause I'll prob be willing to leave him for him even if he does treat me better. It's not about who treats me better, its about who gives me that spark and itll be very hard for someone to top that spark my boyfriend gave me.

by the way, finding out if I should take him back or not will prob help me get through this breakup better.
Should I take him back?
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