Guy stood me up now he's texting me?

A guy who bailed on our plans twice in row is now contacting me again? Page 1 of 1
I recently had a guy who flaked on me when we made plans to hang out. We made plans to meet up when he gets off work at 3pm but I didn't hear from him until 9pm -he just said sorry something came up. Then he texted me 2days later again apologizing and asking how he can make it up to me. I decided to let it slide then he suggested plans to get together again but No time/location had been set, then incidentally stopped responding to me before the date was set in stone. I called him asking for confirmation but he never responded , so I shoot him a text asking we're still on, he responded few hours later and just said "lol"

I just took it as lack of interest on his part so I deleted his number. To my surprise, he just texted me 4 days later and said "hey", like nothing happened. I didn't respond but I'm perplexed why he keeps coming back after blowing off. Any thoughts?
Guy stood me up now he's texting me?
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