Where to move? Closer to girlfriend or to work?

Help me decide! Move close to work and relatives or move close to GF?

I have to move. The landlord wants to move back to his house I rent. So I have to move out. During the 2 ys at this house i met a girl, Rina. We have been dating for 15 months now. She is so fun to be with. We really enjoy each other. Learning a lot about multicultural relationships with A few bumps in the road working to the relationship we are building. It will be 3 more years before she can move and we look for a place together. She wants to stay in the area she lives in now. This is 25 miles from my work. It would be 40-60 min commute one way in traffic from her town. If I stay closer to work and relatives I'm really afraid the distance will hurt our relationship. We would still see each other on weekends like we do now. (I hope!) Would miss the random impulse dinner or shopping together. She says she would understand if I move closer to work. What do you think? Would you move to be closer to your girlfriend or close to work and relatives?
Move close to girlfriend and commute to work?
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Move close to relatives and work?
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Where to move? Closer to girlfriend or to work?
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