What does this dream means?

i was dealing with a guy he hurted my feelings constantly i thought he was my friend but common sense he wasn't. i accepted my wrongs from the situation im young i make mistakes but now i grew from it a lot. it really was hard on my heart cause i nevered felt that way before for someone i was stupid i agree i shouldve nevered gave the situation my all. but i realized that iam not the only one that goes through this type of thing in its a growing experience im over it thou. he was cocky and mean etc to me he done mean things to me but iam at fault too cause i shouldn't let someone use me cause iam better than that and its was my first time ever going through bull shit like that. i prayed about it in the past. i just felt like he couldve done better as a human being. you shouldn't hurt people feelings just cause you can if the person cares about you cause all we have is feelings. if someone cares about you you should be nice back even you are not in love with them back. you dont have to mistreat them , mis treat no one when they mean you well. its not about if you dating someone and u not into them its about how you treat someone. be good to people that treats you well. the people that will put there time into you. by anywayn i had a dream that the tables was turned like to make all this short he wanted me to forgive him and forget every thing he done and be with him. the dream was clear as ever i felt his feelings and mine but in the dream i didn't want to give him another chance because i gave him too many chances.. in the dream he was very nice etc , like a whole new man.. i wonder if this dream means karma i hope i gave u enough details what u think. have u all experience this or what//?
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does this dream means KARMA!
What does this dream means?
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