HELP! My boyfriend won't stand up for our relationship/me?!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years with a couple breaks in between.

Two weeks ago his longtime ex-girlfriend texted him that she missed him --and I found out-- which caused a huge fight. After discovering the texts on his phone, I told him to promptly tell her to leave him alone. Instead he texted her saying that I "nearly beat him half to death" when I found her texts -- basically painting me as this nightmare of a girlfriend, joking with her about how mad I was instead of standing up for our relationship and saying he was happy with ME. When I read THOSE texts it caused an even bigger fight.

Needless to say, we haven't been on the best terms since then even though I'm trying to move on.

So last night things came to a boil again. He stormed out after I decided to confront him about the fact that he hasn't been treating me so well since his ex-girlfriend came back into the picture (and he hasn't). Two-minutes later I came outside looking for him, where he was on the phone venting to his cousin.

I calmed both of us down and after a long, deep, healthy discussion about the fight we both expressed what we needed and both of us were feeling optimistic and good about the future of our relationship.

Ten minutes later, however, his cousin showed up and called my boyfriend over to his car. After talking for 10 minutes, my boyfriend called me over and we all sat in the car. Suddenly his cousin cornered me, yelling at me, basically telling me that I was a horrible girlfriend who never lets my boyfriend have any space. He said that my boyfriend hasn't been happy in a while and that he deserves someone who does. This went on for five minutes.

I was completely stunned not only because of his cousin's callousness but because my boyfriend said NOTHING. I even called his name, begging him to step in and defend me. He just reached his arms over and tried to hold my hand as I was being torn to shreds.

I said nothing to his cousin, I just walked out of the car crying, with my knees buckling with every step. My boyfriend got out of the car too, and had to literally hold me up. All the while his cousin was laughing in the car.

I went inside while my boyfriend walked back to the car. He SAID he has no idea his cousin was going to do that. He SAID he was going to go yell at him. But he didn't. He pretended like nothing happened at all.

Even when I asked him to stand up for me (how sad), he acted confused saying he didn't know why he had to.

What do I do? I'm not asking him to choose between me or his cousin, but I do need him to DEFEND ME against him! The worst part is that now I know his cousin has been filling my bf's head with bad advice, telling him to break up with me instead of working things out. What's scary is that his cousin is someone my boyfriend has LOOKED UP TO FOR YEARS!

Please, what should I do? Thanks...
HELP! My boyfriend won't stand up for our relationship/me?!
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