What kind of relationship do you think this guy has with this chick?

Can this guy really be deeply in love with this girl?

I have a classmate/group member who I kind of have a crush on, but his relationshiup with his girlfriend is kind of questionable. Had a friend ask him if he has a girlfriend, & he said, "Yes, I love her." I dont know her personally but I did a little Instagram stalking & I feel liek they're really different from each other.
However, look at some of the things below & tell me how deep you think their relationship is given the facts on them both.

Some things that make me question their relationship:
-He is a international student, Middle Eastern guy that has come from a conservative country
-He is religious
-He seems to have much deeper thoughts than her. He talks about philosophy, religion, politics whenever we are together.
-She is a "instagram chick" with over 4000K followers & only post vanity, looks, her body, her outtings, her "bad chick squad."
-She doesn't seem like the type to bring home to mom. She has one pic where she's in "cowgirl" sex position on the bed with a dress/heels on. Many pics on her IG showing off her butt in bikinis, pics meant to just highlight her butt, polaroids of her girlfriend pretending to lick her boob "for fun", slutty Halloween costumes where one of them was literally just lingerie and not really a costume, but just meant to be sexual
-She still does the kissy face at age 26
-Her friends probably would not really be able to hang out with any of his friends, as they are so different culturally, socially, language-wise
-Her very best friend is just as revealing and sexually expressive on IG as she is.
-I just feel he's very different in personality than her.
-He's sleeping with another girl

I'm not saying she has a bad personality--not at all, but they seem so different and she doesn't seem like the type to take seriously. So, do you think they have a deep relationship? If they have little in common culturally, socially, language-wise and mentally how can they have a deep relationship?

What kind of relationship do you think this guy has with this chick?
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