This is why I hate being an ugly girl?

I just find it absolutely fabulous when people use you like a tool just because you are below average looks. It's like they assume that I don't care how they act around me, that i'm 'desperate' or something. I was talking to this guy, he was really nice. So I went outside to him the other day because he called me. He was telling me how he's thinking of breaking up with his hot girlfriend, as he meanwhile started feeling my leg. He kept trying to flirt it up, and it was pathetic.
At another time I was in a nightclub with my friends. My friends are all really thin wearing body-con dresses, i'm the only plus size girl wearing some jeans and a crop top. Guys straight up ask me for bj's. Nobody ever gets a yes, so I don't have a reputation. They never approach my friends, I've always assumed that's because they want to look good in front of hot people. I'm not generalizing, it's just from my experience. He was obviously stoned off of his head, but still. What i'm trying to portray is that nobody ever see's me and want a secure relationship. I want a secure relationship, but all anyone else wants from me is 'quickies'. People tend to brush me off when they are done with me. After all it's true you can't compare shit to chocolate.
This is why I hate being an ugly girl?
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