Why is it so easy for a guy to rearrange his heart and forget about a girl who he says he truly loves?

We knew each other since junior high. We lost touch for a long time but we met up again. He was the one doing the pursuing and I just sat back. We fell in love and everything was great. Then last month he broke- up with me for 2 days, but for the 2 days we talked constantly. Now just last week we had a stupid argument and he broke-up with me again. We were living together out of state and he told me to get out. So I did. He called me a few days later and one of his questions was "Does your mother hate me? I thought that was an odd question. Shouldn't he wonder if I do? During the phone call I made no negative remarks to him and did not mention the ending of our relationship. He abruptly had to go and 15 minutes later called back. I thought he was starting to cave in but that was Fri. It's now mon and I still haven't heard from him. However as hard as it is I will not call him or email him. I guess my problem is the day we broke-up he reminded me that he had some of my things and I told him to throw them out I can replace the stuff in the future. Of course he didn't and hung on to them. I have some of his things that he can live without. I just got rejected by this man and my heart broken I don't want to hear from him and have it just be about exchanging personal items. So I don't know if I should call him and tell him forget it or should I call and declare my love for him? I still can't understand how he can fall out of love with me so fast when less than a week ago he told me I did so much for his self esteem and that I'm the only woman he ever truly loved. We are both divorced and our relationship together brought a happiness to us we never felt before. So sorry to ramble but if anyone has any advice that would be great. I don't understand why he did this but for now he left me with no closure so I'm trying to get my own so I can move on!
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Okay I would like to say that in fact since we broke-up he has called 4 times and today he asked if I wanted to get together with him later this week. So I guess giving him space meaning not calling him and driving him crazy was what he needed to miss me.
Why is it so easy for a guy to rearrange his heart and forget about a girl who he says he truly loves?
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