Agree or Disagree: If they can do it once, they can do it again?

Yesterday, I wanted to leave my boyfriends house becasue I didn't like his attitude and how his temper flared up so quickly. He didn't let me leave no matter how much I tried. He is much bigger than me and really strong. I had a major panic attack trying to let him get off me and started crying my eyes out begging to let me go home. He kept dragging me and hurting me trying to get me back inside the house. He has to wear an arm cast and even tho he had no use of his right arm and shoulder, he picked me up with his left arm all the way back inside. We argued and faught and then we went downstairs to talk it over. He finally let me go but first he pushed me down on the couch chocking my neck, pulled my hair to get me on the floor, and dragged me out of the room into the garage by my foot. His mom came downstairs and pulled us apart and I was screaming because I never expected him to do something like that. This was the first time he ever did something like this ever.. Today, I have bruises everywhere on my body, a bloody lip and a soar neck. He says he really loves me, but why do something like this? I tried to break up with him over Skype (he took my phone) but he has a way of persuading me to stay with him. I DONT want to be with him anymore after this. I told him I don"t want someone who can easily do this, but he started crying and begging me to stay with him and said how sorry he is for everthing and if he ever raises his voice or gets aggressive again, he wants me to leave him. But I told him, if that happens, he will not let me leave! Everyone was right about him from the start. I should have known better. I want to get out of this relationship... Do you think if he does it once, he can do it again? I gave him a second chance... But he's not the same anymore to me and I want to get OUT.
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Agree or Disagree: If they can do it once, they can do it again?
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