Why do I get so jealous lately...?

I'm the type who normally doesn't get jealous, or anything with a boyfriend. Especially if my boyfriend is treating me like a queen. But lately, I have been crazy jealous. and I don't know if it has something to do with my self esteem. or if it has something to do with our relationship.

When my boyfriend would talk to another girl (with me around), I normally join in the conversation, and we joke around, etc. All is cool. but deep down, I'm so worried. I start wondering if my boyfriend would rather go out with her, or if he wished he was with someone like her. or if he thinks she is smarter. or cooler. I don't know.

it drives me nuts. But I am not going to admit it to my boyfriend. we have been going out for a long time, and I know he loves me to death.and I don't want to turn him off because I have low self esteem. He used to tell me how different I am from every woman, and his friends would say my boyfriend is lucky because I'm confident, and I never get jealous and start drama over other women.

But just recently, I noticed a change in myself. and I don't know what is causing it. I don't know what to do about it either.

Just earlier, him and his friend were talking to 2 girls at the coffee shop, and when I showed up, he ran up to me, gave me a kiss, and started complaining about how annoying the girls were. I just laughed and joked about it. But deep down inside I'm thinking. why are you talking to them in the first place?!. the girls kept looking at me, and my Boyfriend kept saying itz because they're jealous and I'm hot. or whatever, but it didn't take away that feeling inside.

I need help because this is not the type of person I am, nor the person I want to be. I just want to know why I'm feeling this way, and what I can do to stop it. I trust my BF, I really do. I dont, and I wont, talk to him about this.

I hate this feeling. please help. Do you think it is because I have nothing els going on in my life? Or am I just starting to lose confidence in myself? Or what.? I want this to stop.
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It's insecurity. That's what I'm feeling. insecure. how does anybody get over that feeling? And why do we feel that way?
Why do I get so jealous lately...?
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