Is he really committed?

So, I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. Last week, I was at his house alone. I needed to use his cell phone since I don't have one.

I justified my looking through his text messages as checking to see if he got my messages from my e-mail account. (He never responded, I didn't know if it worked. It did.) But, I saw something in there that has been bothering me. I know I shouldn't have looked and it is an invasion on his privacy and trust.

I am his third girlfriend, we are both 23 years old. He is still very much private about these two girls. All I know is that his mother didn't like the other two, and he says nothing about them when I discuss my exes.

I saw messages from his ex in his cell. Apparently, she did something bad, and messaged him to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. This was after a month of us dating, he told her he wasn't seeing anyone.

Then, in January, while we are at 5 months of dating, he said he still thinks about her. And he said he wants everything to be okay with them in the future because you never know what will happen. He told her his days off, and I'm guessing they hung out. He did say it is hard to conjure up old feelings, so I believe nothing happened. She messaged him because she is moving, and thought of him.

I feel like I'm a rebound. He says that he loves me, he tells me all the time. But he is so secretive and closed off, I wonder if he would leave me for her if she asked. I really need reassurance from him, but I can't tell him I read these. I feel bad because I can't ask, I can't tell him, and he won't tell me on his own. I really and truly love him, and I never doubted him until this. Your opinions are greatly appreciated in this matter, thank you.

I've downloaded the 1000 questions for couples, and am going to try and get him to talk more to me through e-mail. I think this is a good plan to get him to open up and maybe to say the things he cannot.
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We see each other three days a week. We have conflicting work schedules, and I'm in school/work 12 hours every weekday.He is exceedingly shy and his ex has moved away. I could ask if he has ever cheated or what he would do if I did. Just to see.
Is he really committed?
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