Am I jaded from being hurt in the past, or is this how guys really are?

Looking for serious answers only, and no gender war stuff (I know girls do messed up stuff too but I don't date girls so I'm not worried about being hurt by one) Please read everything.

In my short years, I've had at least 5 guys try to cheat with me, I even kissed two of them without knowing they had girlfriends. All of my female friends, just about, have been cheated on, some multiple times. I've seen guys with girlfriends check girls out excessively. Even my friends boyfriends have spent far too much time looking at my ass or legs.

Recently I had my first relationship. I thought they guy was an angel. I don't give trust easily but he gained all of my trust. Then he did shady stuff. Some lies surfaced, stuff that was overlooked because I thought I was overreacting. But it got worse from there, at the end of it all I realized he'd cheated on me more than once, and I suspect there's a lot more I don't know. When I found out, I broke up with him. After that, he treated me like I was utterly meaningless. I was devastated and beyond hurt.

I try to think positively, but I feel like I keep getting dragged back down. As of right now I have zero self esteem, and a not so positive view of relationships, especially guys.

It doesn't help that society says guys can't help but want to go out and have sex with other girls even when they are in a relationship. Even if they don't do it, people say they'll always want to.

I just don't wanna be in a relationship with someone who wants to have sex with someone else. I don't want to get in a relationship with someone who is resisting the urge to cheat. I don't ever want to cheat. I don't want other people when I'm with someone. Is it too much to ask to find someone like myself in that regard?

Am I jaded from being hurt in the past, or is this how guys really are?
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