Should I be friends with him still?

I have been on a date with a guy once and after the date, he has been texting me on and off.
By the way, this guy has just got out of a 4 year long term relationship with his ex girlfriend for 5 months. Both were engaged for a few months, but it broke off.

One day, I decided to be clear with him. I asked him what is the relationship status of us?
I even told him that it is okay if he isn't ready to get to know each other better, and that we could be friends. Otherwise, I decided to break ties with each other.
So, after being upfront with him about the relationship status of us.

He replied below:
He said that he is sorry for leading me on all this while. He doesn't want to hurt me and told me that I deserved someone better than him. He also said that he isn't that nice of a person to be with. Also, he said that it is better for me and him to stay as friends before anything gets too serious. He told me that he isn't looking for a relationship at the moment.

And I replied him below:
Why do you have to lead me on in the first place? And also, I told him that I am also not looking for a relationship at the moment. And if it happens, it will happen.
But there is no reply from him.

We are still following each other on social media.

In the first place, he told me that he is interested in me, but why does such things happened? I am sad. What should I do? Does he even like me in the first place?

I still want to be friends with him but I know I should not.

Hope to hear some advice from you guys and girls out there. Thanks!
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Should I be friends with him still?
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