Girls, Ladies, what would be your best advice in my complicated situation please?

Have just found out I am pregnant. Mixed feelings, as it is with someone who I truly love and have been calling the love of my life past 1,5 years. The relationship has not been always easy, we had a lot of dramas, challenges to work through, and things to forgive each other for. We have just gotten back together after a massive fight over nothing as usual, both have some things steaming from the past that keep interfering with us. We both have committed to working on things and have just signed up for a professional couple counselling. Both of us financially insecure, but fairly driven people and have goals to achieve to make the relationship work. WE have discussed kids, and reasonably decided to give it another 1-2 years for ourselves to settle down first. I have history of ectopic from 6 years ago, so have only one tube, had terminations before as ended up in wrong relationships in the past, and have always had limited contraception options since had a major surgery to remove a large fibroid. Took me a while to get my reproductive health and my head together to start even thinking of an opportunity to have a relationship and a family one day. This aside, my partner is completely thrown by the news, he is lost and terrified, is concerned about the money, and the fact we have just gotten back together and things started improving for us in a relationship. I understand and can relate to all of this. We both been careful during the sex last month, but it has happened. Previously, I had to take the morning after pill in a risky situations, and insisted on him using condoms, as any regular contraception would have increase a risk of fibroid growing back, which I do have one already, and it will only keep growing and will need to be managed through a surgery when it is large enough. The doctors have said I could manage to get through the pregnancy without complications. Partner insists we are not ready for this. Logically, I agree, but otherwise, I want this child.
I would find a strength to go through the pregnancy no matter what my circumstances are going to be and hope he would come around
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I would terminate this pregnancy, as it was unplanned and puts a lot of things with the relationship at risk
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I would go for a termination, break up with the man who can't be supportive and is scared of the responsibility, and try to move on with my life
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I would go through the pregnancy, will ask to get as much support and help from friends and family
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I would go for termination, as it is not fair on a child to be born in an unstable situation
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I would do something else, please comment below, if you can help with some other options. Thank you!
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+1 y
Sooooo, there has been an update... my now ex-partner developed a hostile, neglecting and negative attitude toward this whole situation. Seeing that I was offering ways out for him as could see it was killing him, asked him for financial help with rent and to move out as it would be hard for us to co-exist me trying to enjoy this when he is clearly hating this. His way out was to cover abortion only, which I can't go through with. I want this child more than anything. he calls me selfish
+1 y
He started coming up with twisted and false accusations of me not even being pregnant, and if I am then it is not his... kinds hurts so much, I stopped carrying for what he thinks... Told me to get anything from him I would have to hire a lawyer and do the paternity test to prove this is his child and only then he would help monetarily. Mum lives two oceans away, and if I move back there, think i would only make this more complicated for everyone. Any thought, ladies?
Girls, Ladies, what would be your best advice in my complicated situation please?
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