Are some people better off dying alone (never having a relationship)?

I have a skin disease (looks like acne) and it has been there for almost 8 years. Now I am getting better and it looks like it will finally go away. I had a few thousands "zits" from forehead to ass so I have built a strong character from this.

The only thing negative about having a bad skin disease is with the girls and finding a job. I never needed a job so that part never happened to me. Now with the girls. I have tried 3 times with different girls.

What a waste of time that was. What I learn from this is that you start worrying too much about your crush/lover. You start getting so mistrustful. Hell. I even sold my ps4 to have more time and money for her (HUGE MISTAKE). I really don't know what I want in a relationship yet. Yeah. I crave sex because I am a virgin (haven't even kissed) but I shouldn't be with someone because of that and I sometimes feel I need to give and receive affection but those bonuses aren't enough and don't cover the negatives as of:

You lose money
Time for yourself (I break dance and lift weights combo, it is my dream to reach my full potential and I think girls slow me down a lot) I could even buy a ps4 pro (the new one) and I have way more fun with it than draining my all my emotional energy trying to get this girl to like me.
You lose freedom

8 years of being inside a cocoon (my skin problem), wanting so hard to look better so a girl can accept me and now when I'm almost out of it (a "butterfly"). I want none. I don't even care about girls anymore.

I still will always have friends though.

Are some people better off dying alone (never having a relationship)?
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