Female "friends" in a relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a year now, and, no sh*t , he has friend outside the relationship. Recently I found out that he's been talking to this women that he used to bone. It actually goes a little further than that because he's mentioned her to me,saying he missed he because apparently his ex-wife poisoned he against me bf. He cheated on the aforementioned ex-wife, so he has a history of cheating. He swears up and down that he would never do that to me, and I believe he never has.

So my question for any and all guys reading this; are you ever really friends with someone you used to f***? and what the f*** is my boyfriend up to?

And ladies, how do I deal with jealousy, and actually give this guy a chance to either mess up or earn my trust (and I trust him, but in the same breath I don't)

Female "friends" in a relationship?
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