What if the guy I'm dating talks about other women or past experiences with dating other women?

The guy I'm dating has brought up past dating experiences, on a couple of occasions he's mentioned his ex. It sounds like she did a number on him, because they broke up a couple of years ago and she STILL come up in conversation. For example, we were talking about weird dreams we've had. In one dream, he was making out with an actress (it's normal, I get it). Then he started talking about dreams about running and hiding from his ex. Also (back when they were together) about when he had a dream that was a realization that he loved her. This conversation started off as talk about crazy, vivid dreams and turned into...that. I really feel like he's still bitter about the end of their relationship, but does that mean he's not over her? He says he wants nothing to do with her and will avoid her at all costs (they have mutual friends). Should I be worried? Is this normal to bring up the subject of past relationships (like he's comfortable with telling me everything) or is this a sign that he's really not that interested in me?


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  • hey..dont worry..it's very normal and it would be great for you if you won't feel insecure while he'd be talking to you about her ex. Just take it normally because he had been in a relationship with her and obviously there would be some moments, good,bad,emotional,funny,etc...and we don't froget our past. Just give him all comfort because it will make ur relationship strong. If he would thought that telling about her ex is irritating you or you are not comfortable with it then he won't tell you about her. But on the other hand, if you behave normally then he will feel comfortable to share anything with u, honestly, because he would know that you listen to him and understand him. So just don't worry.

    take care

    • I do listen and don't act awkward or anything. Thanks for the advice!

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