I'm a 27 year old guy, can and should I date a 19 year old girl without it being socially weird?

So I met a girl on Tinder, we hung out a few times and ended up eventually having sex. We're starting to have feelings for each other. However both a few of my friends and my parents and her friends have voiced concern that there's a big age gap. She also lives an hour away and we're on opposite schedules since she works a lot at night
She told me that she went to school for her freshman year and was in a sorority and she stopped going to save up money and works as a care professional with no plans to go back to school. When we last hung out we started having sex and she told me to stop and I did immediately and she got all emotional, told me she can't do this and said she had to leave. I asked her what was wrong and if I did something wrong and she told me that she still has feelings for her ex. She ended up staying for a few hours but it was awkward and she said she felt bad for saying anything because she likes me but she's confused
She also told me that she got 10 tickets in the last year for various traffic violations and I informed her of the point system and potentially losing her license and she was shocked and got a lawyer
She wanted to get me an Christmas present but I told her I didn't want anything but she did anyways so I went to Alex and Ani and got her something but it feels kind of empty. She also told me an Christmas present was her getting help paying off some maxed out credit cards. She then texted me a few days ago and told me that she didn't want us to be forcing a relationship and wanted us to stay friends and figure it out but still hangout together, but she still calls me babe and stuff.
I guess I may be confused too but I like her as a person and find her very attractive and I don't want to break her heart but she did say she's intimidated by me sometimes because I'm older and she feels like she tries to act older than her age because she doesn't want me to think she's immature.
Can someone help me? I really don't want to hurt her feelings
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What should I do?
I'm a 27 year old guy, can and should I date a 19 year old girl without it being socially weird?
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