I haven't heard from my boyfriend in 2 days. What should I do?

I have been in a long Distance relationship for just over 1 year now and the last time I heard from my boyfriend was 2 days ago. We were chatting on MSN we got into a bit of an argument & a few words were exchanged nothing too dramatic, He sent me a text the next day saying "Baby I love you" I didn't reply because I was still mad about the argument for the day before. It's now been 2 days & I haven't heard from him, What should I do? It's really getting to me I can't concentrate on anything. I want him to initiate contact this time as I am sick of being the one to do so.


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  • You ignore him and want him to initiate contact? No problem, check this!

    He won't.

    WARNING: Brutal honesty follows, not for the fainthearted.


    You can't honestly be serious that you are going to ignore (of all people) your boyfriend, then ask him to repeatedly beg at your ankles with his affection for you? Sorry lady, we've been trained by society better than that. It's more than likely that this guy is waiting for you to call him; once you do that, you guys can resume your relationship rather than pursueing this adolescent game of "you should call me first".

    Once you contact him, let him know that you do care about him and why you were still heated but thank him for still sticking around. That's called respect. If you have respect, your relationship will survive a hell of a lot longer. (Common sense?)

    Lastly, speak up about what your wanting when you call him; tell him that you'd like to see him call more because that's been part of your frustration too. It's not too difficult of a task for him to pull off.

    Again, I'm sorry for being an asshole, but you gotta understand where I'm seeing things:

    - He calls

    - You ignore him

    - You EXPECT him to call again


    Where that train is going, I don't want to be part of. So I'm trying to get this relationship back on track so that you both can resume a soothe sailing; I'm not trying to belittle you, him, or your relationship.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I get what your saying..But he didn't call, he sent me a text, and the reason why I didn't reply is because during the last argument we had he said a really hurtful and nasty thing to me, so I didn't expect a "Baby I love you" I expected a "I am sorry I didn't mean it" not a "Baby I love you" and expect everything to be ok like he always does! Tis is why I am waiting for him to contact me. Believe me it's not a game I'm trying to play nor is it ego! It's something I need him to do!

    • Understandable; just don't get your hopes up. I wish you luck :)

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  • Seems to me that he was the last one to try to make amends (via the text). If you really like him you should be willing to make the next move.

    If you value your pride more than your relationships you may find that you have plenty of time to be alone with your pride. =)

  • How dysfunctional.

    Swallow your pride and get in touch with him.

    He's held out the olive branch.

    It's your turn now.

  • You should just contact him yourself and see what's up.


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  • Ummmm...Ithink you need to step up to the plate and call him. He tried contacting you, if you are still mad then too bad. It is still your turn to contact him. Then if he doesn't contact you back, let it go.

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