Is he really unsure or against it himself, or is he just trying to find out what I want?

So this guy that I have liked for a long time - I'm fairly certain he really likes me too- everyone else thinks so , but I feel it too, anyways.

So, he kissed me the other day - I made it clear that I wanted him to, but he definitely took charge & it was actually really amazing.

The thing is, he stropped a couple minutes later & started saying he thought he wasn't sure if we should be doing that, & he didn't know if it was a good idea to start something..

I never said anything about starting something, & honestly lol, I am not even sure if that means sex or relationship.

(Actually could someone tell me, which they thing it refers to)

But anyways he kept repeating it , but he didn't SOUND like he thought it was bad, just like he was unsure...

Sort of fishing for what I was intending, maybe mixed with reservation from something else from the past..

He was not ACTING like it, I mean he kept coming closer to me while he was saying he wasn't sure & he was staring into my eyes the whole time, like he really wanted me to say something - but I don't know what.

After we kissed for a while, He said he really likes me, thought I was interesting & intelligent, & liked hanging out with me, was attracted to me he just didn't think we should..

BUT I was totally confused because I never thought about starting something^ in the first place - I mean whatever he means by that, I just wasn't thinking of it.

I think if I had actually plan, as far as what I wanted, I would be better able to tell what he meant.

I do like him. So I did not want to say I agree completely that it was a bad idea, in case he did not really mean that, on the other hand I really had no plan.

I kept trying to say I just wanted to hang out at 'that' time & he kept asking about after & I really do not know what he meant.

I wish he could have just said what he meant, not - " I am not sure I really don't think we should "

- I want to know WHAT THE PROBLEM IS, cause maybe we could FIX it lol, instead of just going in circles ... I guess I could have asked him but did not expect to be talking about that OR kissing him - I was really disoriented - completely..

( I know I should ( have) talk to him - easier said than done he sees to have difficult expressing what he means,or he is REALLY manipulative& pretending to be confused, but I've known him for three years & he can be a bit narcissistic, but he usually tries to get outside of that & act considerate - especially towards me.

...He is really pretty sweet, but people are difficult challenge for him because he works really hard at school, so he can't socialize as much as other people do - I think he gets suspicious, a lot - obviously lol).)

Is he really unsure or against it himself, or is he just trying to find out what I want?
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