I really like this guy?

So there's this guy I like, let's call him Al. We met randomly, like we go to the same high school and we're in the same grade but we had no classes together. After we met, we hung out a lot, we'd sit together at lunch and just talk and stuff. I invited him on a trip with me and 2 friends and he came along, stuck around me the whole time lol. Everyone around us used to leave us alone when we started taking because they felt like they were third wheeling, we had great chemistry, and just talking to him and sharing things with helped me through stuff (my dad's heart attack for example). We both confessed our feelings two months ago and yeah, I was pretty ecstatic.

Of course that went down the drain the next day. We sat down and like 5 minutes in he said it was awkward, that he likes me, but we should just be friends because he won't be a good boyfriend. I agreed, telling him I'm fine with what ever he's comfortable with. I respected that, treated him as a friend. He was awkward though, and wouldn't even look at me so we slowly started hanging out less. Anytime anyone asked what happened with our whole situation , I'd tell them that we were going to date but it ended before we even started - which is the truth. Some stupid people, however, went off telling him that I said we dated (when we really didn't ) and some people told em that he was talking about me and how I'm his ex (when I'm really not), so I messaged him to clear up this misunderstanding.

He read my message, didn't reply, and a couple days later, blocked me. Prior to that I over heard his friends talking about me - turns out they were talking shit about me to him when they don't even know me. Talking about I'm depressing and some *inappropriate stuff about me. Well, unfortunately, I still fucking like him. I don't know what to do? I am like 80% sure he blocked me bc of his friends. I want to mend things but I feel like it's a lost cause and I'm not sure what to do. I really like him and this hurts 😞
I really like this guy?
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