Am I "f*ing crazy for trying to reach out to him?

I know "it's an ex, why does it matter" blah blah blah. I decided to reach out to him by writing and giving him what I wanted to say because I wouldn't have had enough time in person to say it. I basically said we both made mistakes, I'm tired of arguing, I want to work things out and "grow together". I made it clear to only contact me if he was interested in doing the same. He got one of his friends to call me and they left a voicemail saying that I'm f*ing crazy, he doesn't want me, my ex told him to tell me this, etc.

We don't talk anymore because someone he had sex with created drama, I believed it and cut him off. He got angry and told someone to tell me he'd curse me out if I spoke to him. He has a history of saying hurtful things to and about me when he's angry. I used to always think everything was my fault and that I was childish. I felt like I was trying to do the mature thing and put an end to the negativity.

I do know that it's a personal issue with him because he's made plenty of mistakes and I have no hatred in my heart for him but he acts like I'm the devil. Never cheated. Never lied. Tried showing him I cared, etc.
Am I "f*ing crazy for trying to reach out to him?
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