What is up with younger girls?

when I say younger girls I mean age 17-21. I am 22 so not that much difference. My group of friends that I live with are in that age range of 19-22 and they have a lot of younger girl friends who are the age range I listed above. when ever they have these younger girls over they always seem to annoy me quite a bit and my question is are younger girls like that usually a little annoying to guys my age or am I just being a jerk?

Its kind of hard to explain what is annoying about them that's why I think I might be being a jerk. I'm not mean to them or anything but when they come over to my place they just never have anything nice to say its always talking sh*t about someone and then they constantly have to bother me with dumb sh*t like y am I talking in the conversation there having with my roommates, why do I live in the basement?, and why don't I have a gf. I answered these questions the first time I met all of them but it never seems to fail when ever they come over they are annoying.

Any advice, answers or ways you think I could deal with them would be appreciated. LADIES I WOULD PREFER IF YOU BROKE IT DOWN FOR ME AND EXPLAINED WHAT'S GOING ON.
What is up with younger girls?
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