My boyfriend does not fulfill my needs. What should I do?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for already three years. Those three years were long distance since our universities were three to four hrs away from each other. The reason of our stupid fights were usually misunderstandings, broken promises and cancelled dates. We just recently graduated from college. But before that, we had a huge fight as he was taking me for granted since he's always been prioritizing academics more than our relationship. He begged and cried so much as I ready myself to leave him. He promised to me that after graduation, we would see each other everyday or even at least three times a week. So I gave him another chance.

But weeks later, that promise seems to be forgotten. In fact, he wouldn't even ask me on a date if I didn't bug him. I hate nagging him but he won't move if I don't do it. (My boyfriend puts effort in our relationship but I ALWAYS have to tell him what to do. He rarely has the initiative to ask me out.)

So this week, we didn't see each other and I'm really sad because we are no longer long distance. He actually lives 25 mins away from my house!!! I asked him if we could meet up. He said yes but cancelled it later on. The reason is his undergraduate research study has been chosen to be funded by an agency. He had to pass another proposal after three days. Normally, I would understand and pass up on this one. But I am so mad that the only day that he allotted for me would be canceled!!! So I nagged him and got angry. He said he was disappointed in me that he thought we could understand each other more to not get into a fight like this again. Yes, I know I'm selfish on this one. But I'm really frustrated that he doesn't comply with his promise and it seems like a shallow thing that I'm mad about it.

So what should I do now? Am I the one who is at fault with this one?
My boyfriend does not fulfill my needs. What should I do?
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