Why won't she admit her feelings?

I've been talking to this girl (old best friend) since April, but I've had feelings since May 2016. At first she wasn't really feeling me but she gave me a chance. We broke up after a couple days, but she continues to flirt with me and FaceTime me all the time not exaggerating. I usually post things about love/feelings pertaining to her and she knows they're about her and vice versa. A couple days ago I made a post about feelings for someone and she asked "why I kept making posts about her", I asked "who said it's about you?" And she got worried and said "we both know it's about me... right?" And she said my name and she never says my name, we both knew it was about her though. I don't know if it's just me but she has to have feelings for me right? She knows that I'm in love with her, but she won't admit her feelings for me and I don't know why. I really love her does anyone have advice for me?
Why won't she admit her feelings?
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