If he likes me so much, then why won't he come visit?

Is my boyfriend not interested? We met three weeks ago for a date and we've been going out for only three weeks. He called me everyday that one and a half weeks then he works because he's a roofer. Well now he doesn't call everyday which I don't care about. The only problem is that he doesn't seem to make an effort to see me. If he loves me like he says which I don't believe then why won't he come over. he has met my dad on our first date and was very nervous. But it all went good. I told my boyfriend too many times that my dad would pick him up and bring him to our house but he ignores it. he doesn't have his license and my parents don't want me to make an effort to see him all the time. I don't trust this guy and he's making it hard for me to not believe that he will love me forever cause I know that's not true. My Boyfriend is still a stranger to me. I want to give him a shot but if we still don't see each other than talking is all I have. Its normal for a boyfriend to not talk to you everyday right? So my Boyfriend said we should get together and go to the mall near his house but we have to bring a friend and my friends are either busy or dealing with her car accident and can't leave her house. I really would go up there to see him but I don't have a friend.


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  • Well, if he's offering you less than you can tolerate, you need to tell him that. Tell him that you'd like him to step up his game. If nothing changes after that, well then just do what pleases you, with or without him.


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