Is this mindset really so out there when it comes to male virgins?

Another my take, another responce that can only be answered through a question.

As twisted and warped as this perspective is... he's only half wrong.
Personally I stayed a virgin by choice, i wanted to be a responsible adult and have my own shit together before i even though about getting into relationships. I thought that by holding back, I would be more respected... but society has proven that i couldn't have been more wrong, and I just wasted my time. Now i feel i might have been better off getting into massive orgies rather then studying and getting my grades, now I'm 27 years old and it feels like my chance to become a man has long past.

Meanwhile women generally get their pick of the litter, and it always feels like you're either second choice, or kept on the backburner until after she's had her fun.
Now don't get me wrong, women generally will eventually hook up with males and might even be happy if they are virgins. But honestly its only AFTER they slept around, after they been with the players and the bad boys, only after they are burnt out sexually, and even if they do stick with you, they will eventually end up cheating cause even if you are reliable chances are she will find you boring.
So basically, She will go after alphas when she wants to have a good exciting time, and will only settle for a beta when she wants stability and long term commitment, I know people are sick of the alpha/beta bs, but this is literally the only way i can think of describe it.

Because I've seen the women who almost thrive on the this double standard of society, and feel almost entitled to an exciting Alpha to sleep with in one hand, and a stable reliable beta in the other.

Personally I'm not bitter towards women, I'm just cynical. Cause I genuinely don't see myself as any woman's first choice to date.
Is this mindset really so out there when it comes to male virgins?
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