Move on or stay?

Been with my boyfriend almost 5 years.
He already had his own place when we started seeing each other but when the lease ran out he moved in with his mum but after a while it didn't work out so he kind of had to move in with me as he had no where else to go. I didn't mind as we had been seeing each other for almost a year by this stage. But even then it was mostly just him staying in between mine and his friends places, anyway he gradually started actually living with me at mine and we started going halves on everything and this lasted about a year. We got along for the most part but also argued a lot because of our differences and was still getting use to each other, so he moved into his brothers place and that lasted about 2 years. In that time I've had to move back into my mums. Me and him have talked about moving in together again and both have agreed that we'd both like to, anyway so now he has finally got his own place again but hasn't asked me to move in. He has 2 teenage kids as well so I've opted to just take a step back a bit and give them space to settle into their new home and have not asked him if he wants me to move in and also because I shouldn't have to ask he already knows how I feel and I thought he felt the same, obviously I was wrong. I love my boyfriend and want our bond to grow. I feel like the distance between us will get worse if we don't live together. I know that I'll eventually have to talk to him about but if he says no what should I do? So my question is should I stay and wait and hope that he asks me to move in or just move on to someone that wants the same thing as me?
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Move on or stay?
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